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You, the young people of today, are the most privileged people who have ever lived on this earth. For the first time in history, one generation—your generation—holds the key to the greatest challenge our species has faced since it proudly named itself sapiens sapiens. It’s the challenge of change: profound and timely change. You face the challenge of change because the world your fathers and forefathers have created is not sustainable. “Unsustainable” means that if the world doesn’t change, it will break down. It cannot keep going as it is.

Global warming and climate change are just one of several “unsustainabilities” in today’s world. Urban overcrowding, the breakdown of the health of vast populations, violence born of intolerance, and war waged to secure short-term economic interests are among the many threats on the horizon. We of the foregoing generations have impaired the vital balances of nature; balances that are needed to sustain our life and your life, and the life of myriad other species. Now you, the young generation, must correct the damage.

We are nearly seven billion humans on the planet. How many of us will survive the next twenty years? Or the next ten? And if some of us go under, how will the rest manage, given our interdependence and our proneness to resort to violence to assure our short-term interests? If the world continues its downhill slide, and if the mindset of the rich and powerful doesn’t change while there is time, there will be a holocaust from which no one will emerge unscathed.

But why do you, the young people of today, hold the key to creating effective change?

The answer to this question is straightforward. You were born at exactly the right time to catalyze meaningful change: at the time when change is not only necessary, but is also feasible. The powerful fear and resist change. Whether they are politicians, business managers, or ecclesiastical or social authorities, unless they are exceptionally open and wise, they do everything in their power to maintain the status quo. They try to “excommunicate” those who want change— not literally, as the Catholic Church did in the Middle Ages in Europe, but by modern means: by ignoring the agents of change, and if ignoring them is not feasible, then by discrediting and ridiculing them.

But this is not an insurmountable problem for you, the young people of today. The dominant forces in the world still resist change, but they no longer have the power to resist it effectively. Contemporary societies are in crisis—in economic, financial, and also in social and cultural crisis. This means that they are in a flux, in a near-chaotic condition where innovations can grow and amplify. Even seemingly small groups and initiatives can now catalyze major change. This is the famous “butterfly effect,” the effect that appears in all complex systems at the edge of chaos. You can be the butterfly that brings in change. Flap your wings and create the tornado that will wipe away the old and bring in the new.

Japan is one of the leading nations of the world; what happens in Japan has repercussions all over the planet. And Japan is often ahead of the rest of the world in innovation. Now it needs to be ahead also in pioneering effective and timely change — for the benefit of the Japanese people, and of all people in the world. You can now make the difference: you, the young people of Japan. You have an opportunity that no generation that ever walked the earth had before you. Seize it—to do so is in your own interest, and in the interest of all the people in the human community.

Ervin Laszlo
September 2010



なぜなら、われわれの祖先が自身をホモ・サピエンス(homo sapiens)と名付けて以来初めて、一つの世代——あなたの世代——が、人類が直面している大いなる課題に挑戦する資格を与えられているからです。その課題とは、変化を成し遂げることへの挑戦であり、それはとても重大で時宜にかなったものだといえます。あなたがこの変化という課題に直面している理由は、先人がつくってきた世界が、もはや持続不可能なものだからです。「持続不可能」とは、もし世界が変わることができないのであれば、やがて崩壊するということを意味します。今のあり方では、だめなのです。


およそ70億の人間がこの惑星に住んでいます。そのうち、何人が20年後にも生き残るでしょうか。10年後には? もしわれわれのうちの誰かが生き残るのだとしても、残りの大勢はどうなるのでしょうか。とくに、わたしたちは短期的な利益をつかむために、暴力に訴える傾向があります。もし世界がこのまま衰退の一途をたどるのであれば、また、残された時間があるうちに、もし裕福で影響力のある層の人々の考え方が変わらないのだとすれば、誰もが無傷のままではいられない大惨事が起きるでしょう。





2010年 9月

協力: ブダペストクラブ ジャパン